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Founded in 1996, Goldspark Hong Kong Tours Limited acts as a wholesales operator specializes handling golf tour/package arrangements, sightseeing tours, hotel reservations, ticketing sales (train, ferry, air), limousine and car rental services in Hong Kong. By investing a fleet of no roof double-decker buses, we launch to operate “Open Top Bus Sightseeing tour” giving visitors an opportunity to explore the city at night and the bustling night market of Hong Kong which receiving numerous good reviews. No doubt, our Open Top Bus sightseeing tour is one of the highlights during your stay.


Prepare to receive the greatly demand of inquiries for tour to mainland China, we simultaneously incorporate with Shenzhen Press International Travel Service Company Limited (state-owned) as strategic stakeholder to extend our business throughout mainland China. Our stakeholder supports in various matters to implement a wide variety of tour products including golf tour/package arrangements, hotel reservations, ticketing sales (train, ferry, domestic air), car rental services as well as convenient cross-border (double-digit numbers) limousine from Hong Kong to Guangdong Province or vice versa that contributes to tourism industry of Hong Kong and mainland China.


MACAU, a former Portuguese colony in the old days, now is one of the special administrative regions of People Republic of China. Macau preserved many historical properties in the urban area and was official listed as a World Heritage Site UNESCO on 15 July 2005. With the tremendous growth potential on tourism, in 2009, we established Gold spark Macau Tours as a branch office, to extend our great tour services in Macau. With the successful experience of operating the highlight Open Top Bus Hong Kong sightseeing tour, we landed to operate the same tour by investing two no roof double-decker buses in 2010. Within operating hours, our Open Top Buses shuttle round and round with hop on/off bus locations situated in different historical sites, offering visitors getting around by themselves to browse beautiful scenery of the city, explore the local ethnic culture and the appetite for Macanese cuisine, which is being one of the most highlights tour in Macau.


With a dedicated and highly experienced team, our veteran tour operators provide you hospitality, enthusiastic and professional in comprehensive sightseeing and excursion tour arrangements. Other than no roof double-decker buses, our fleet of vehicles include 4-seater sedan, 7-seater wagon, minibus, motor coach as well as cross-border vehicle that allows us to deliver flexible service to meet the needs of every single visitor.

Macau Open Top Bus

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